Station Directory - Large Groups

As it has not been possible to provide the same level of detail for every radio station in the Station Guide, the Station Directory aims to give you the basic info needed, as well as pointers on where to go to find out more. Stations listed here are available in and aimed at Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ilse of Man, and the Channel Islands. This pages lists stations operated by the large groups of Bauer and Global.


Station Station Type Operator Coverage Area Frequency Website
Absolute Radio Rock Music Bauer UK 1215 MW, 105.8 FM (London), DAB (D1 National)
Absolute Classic Rock Rock Music Bauer      
Absolute Radio 60s   Bauer      
Absolute Radio 70s   Bauer      
Absolute Radio 80s   Bauer      
Absolute Radio 90s Rock Music Bauer      
Absolute Radio 00s   Bauer      
Radio Aire   Bauer      
Capital FM (London) Pop Music Global Greater London 95.8 FM, DAB (stereo - London 1)  
Capital FM Birmingham   Global      
Capital FM Brighton   Global Brighton 107.2 FM, DAB (stereo)  
Capital FM Cymru   Global      
Capital FM East Midlands   Global      
Capital FM Liverpool   Global Liverpool    
Capital FM Manchester   Global Manchester    
Capital FM North East   Global North East England (including Teesside) 105.3 FM (main - North East), 105.6 FM (relay), 105.8 FM (relay), DAB (stereo - Teesside & Tyne and Wear)  
Capital FM North West & North Wales   Global      
Capital FM Scotland   Global      
Capital FM South Coast   Global      
Capital FM South Wales   Global      
Capital FM Yorkshire   Global      
Capital UK   Global UK DAB (mono - D1 National)  
Capital Xtra Dance, Hip Hop, and R&B Music Global   DAB (mono - D1 National)   
Greatest Hits Radio (Network) Pop Music Bauer  Most of UK DAB (various local multiplexes)  
Greatest Hits Radio Manchester Pop Music Bauer Manchester 1152 MW, DAB (mono - Manchester)  
Greatest Hits Radio North East (Teesside) Pop Music Bauer Teesside and some of North Yorkshire 1170 MW, DAB (stereo - Teesside)  
Greatest Hits Radio North East (Tyne & Wear) Pop Music Bauer North East England 1152 MW, DAB (stereo - Tyne and Wear)  
Hits Radio (Network) Pop Music Bauer Most of UK DAB (various local multiplexes)  
Hits Radio Manchester (duplicate of Network with local news) Pop Music Bauer Manchester 103 FM