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Useful Links

Here is a list of links which might prove useful. Please be aware, that whilst I do check the websites listed below, Whilst, I can NOT be held responsible for the contents of external websites, all website listed here have been checked, and can be recommended.


BBC: www.bbc.co.uk

Cyber Rock: www.cyberradio.co.uk

View TV Group: www.viewtvgroup.com


DX Radio: www.dxradio.co.uk - For serious enthusiasts, all about listening to distant stations from outside intended coverage area.

Frequency Finder: www.frequencyfinder.org.uk - Information on UK radio station frequencies.

Interval Signals Online: www.intervalsignals.net - Jingles for a large number of UK and worldwide stations.

Local Radio Group: www.thelocalradiogroup.co.uk - Campaign group dedicated to preserving local radio.

mb21 UK Broadcast Transmission: tx.mb21.co.uk - UK TV and Radio Transmitters, more of interest to serious enthusiasts, rather than everyday listeners.

Radiomap: www.radiomap.eu - Links to European stations, displayed on a map.

Wohnort DAB: www.wohnort.org/dab - News and information on worldwide DAB radio broadcasts. Not currently updated.


Radio Feeds: www.radiofeeds.co.uk - Online streams of UK and Irish radio stations.

Radio Player: www.radioplayer.co.uk - Online player for most UK radio stations.