Station Guide

Page last updated on December 29th, 2020 at 07:53 pm

Here you can find detailed guides to community radio stations that broadcast in the UK. Not all are listed yet, and it will take some time to get round all 390 of them. They are currently listed by region.

Schedule data is, in most cases, still incomplete. I’m still experimenting with formatting of the tables, and in some cases I’m still awaiting data.


Black Cat Radio
Radio Caroline

East Midlands

Amber Sound

North East

Nova Radio North East
Pride Radio
Radio Tyneside

North West

Mighty Radio


K107 FM

South East

South West

Express FM


Bro Radio

West Midlands

Black Country Radio


Jorvik Radio
YO1 Radio

In the queue…

The following stations are next on the list; Black Diamond FM, Heartland FM plus many more.