Page last updated on August 15th, 2022 at 12:52 pm

Scott’s Radio Site is making its (second) return, and second ‘format change’. The exact format of the website is yet to be revealed, but will become apparent over the next few weeks.

A Brief History

Scott’s Radio Site was originally a radio based website, which closed early in 2020, due to the continuing loss of commercial local radio. The website covered various aspects, including stations, presenters, transmitters, and other general information.

By this point, a network of websites had formed with the same owner also responsible for Radio In Malta and All About Digital TV. Scott’s Radio Site became the umbrella name for this network. For a time, the scottsradiosite.co.uk website address was retained, to direct readers to these other two sites.

Then, around July and August of 2020, a new website was created, All About Community Radio. This was focussed on providing information on the made community focussed stations broadcasting in the UK, and centred on a summary station directory, and a more in-depth station guide.

To reduce costs when launching All About Community Radio, the previous web address for Scott’s Radio Site was reused. However, through time the Scott’s Radio Site name also made a return, with ‘All About Community Radio’ becoming the strapline.

However, again the direction of radio was not to the author’s taste, with community radio starting to adopt a similar pattern to commercial radio. Primarily, this involves a race to the bottom on DAB/DAB+, with many stations being crammed in with poor or very poor audio quality. This unfortunately led to the closure of the website early in January 2022.

Fast forward to today, and decision needed to be made on the website. Website domains cost around £10 to £15 a year to rent, and with this ongoing cost a decision needed to be made, either hand back the domain, or re-use it for another project. The latter was chosen.

As yet the new format for the website has yet to be decided, but it won’t be updated as frequently as previous versions, and will purely be a hobby, unlike other websites also operated by the author which although are created just for fun, are designed to serve a particular audience’s needs.

Technical Aspects

Although I prefer to build websites from scratch using HTML and CSS, this one uses the WordPress content management platform, in order to reduce development time.

This website, designed around a customised version of the WordPress 2015 theme, is highly responsive and can be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones with various screen sizes. However, it is worth noting that some content may not display correctly on small screens.

The website is tested using Mozilla Firefox and Opera browser on both Windows 7 and Windows 10, and is believed to be highly compatible. As Opera is based on Google Chrome, Chrome should offer similar performance. Microsoft Edge/Explore, Apple Safari and other web browsers have not been tested and are not supported, but should also be compatible with this website.